Our Team

David Martin – Editor

Email: david@mymarketgazette.com

David Martin has BBA in Accounting (With Honors) – from The University of Texas – San Antonio. Though from a business background, David has keen interest in market research and heads the editorial team at Market Gazette.

Randel Lewis – Contributor

Email: randel@mymarketgazette.com

Randel Lewis is a science graduate and keeping up with is childhood hobby of writing, he has taken content writing as a profession ever since he graduated. He has over eight years of publishing experience and over a decade of cumulative science experience. He focuses on writing about research news.

Ross Arlen – Contributor

Email: ross@mymarketgazette.com

Ross fills in the shoes of the editor at times, but mainly works as a contributor covering breaking news. In the past, he has written for other news sites and published independent research in medicine, primarily in biotechnology.

Braden Nelson – Contributor

Email: braden@mymarketgazette.com

Braden Nelson covers business news with an inclination towards the stock market. He covers recent activity and events, from economic reports and indicators to any important news relating to individual stocks, sectors, or countries. In particular, he attempt to identify emerging trends in markets that have the potential to reward early investors with outsized gains, while keeping a keen eye on risk.

Mark Derek – Contributor

Email: mark@mymarketgazette.com

Mark is our go-to technology contributor. He graduated with a degree in computer science. After working as a programmer for the first few years of his career, Mark took up journalism and covers technology news.